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To our loyal customers, family and community,

The time has come for our agency to consider what steps we need to take in dealing with COVID-19.  Sam and I have spent the last several days consulting with professionals in this field and have come to the conclusion that some action is needed. Over the last almost 30 years Sam has taken the sometimes-difficult role as a leader on important issues.  Doing the right thing, for the right people, for the right reasons has permeated our culture at Deiwert Insurance and during this stressful time for our community, doing what we feel is right is the only option.

We have spoken with Medical Doctors, PHD’s in the field of infectious disease and specifically viruses. The consensus is that it is our responsibility to not make a bad situation worse and to practice social distancing to whatever extent is possible.

At this time, Monday March 16th, our physical locations will be closed until further notice. We are taking this step to protect the wonderful people that work within our agencies and their children.  As we know children are home from school and all of our employees have children. The financial cost of daycare during a time like this is not something we feel is right to burden our staff with. Given the nature of our business it is possible to operate remotely without an extreme disruption to our customers. Although our physical locations are closed, we will still be working to serve all the needs of our customers.

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • Social Media

These will all be available to you during our normal business hours.  If there is an emergency that requires in person communication, we will offer this by appointment only. We will have the required PPE available and practice social distancing in these events. Of course, this needs to be limited to absolutely, essential issues.

This decision is not easy for us and it is not easy for many businesses.  At times like these the power of us as a community is seen if we are willing to look for it.  Our goal is to support our staff, our neighbors and those in most need during this time. Keep checking back to our social media to see what ways we are discovering to serve our community and ways you can be involved.

Lastly please understand this decision was made with the consultation of people who have devoted their lives to this work.  This is not a time for fear or panic, but it is a time for action. Those who do not act, do so out of fear of looking foolish if this doesn’t materialize.  We are not concerned with this. We are concerned with not making a bad situation worse. We are concerned with our roll as leaders in this community. Action does not equal fear or weakness.  Action takes bravery and courage and we encourage all businesses to take whatever action they feel is right and to do it now.

Wishing you health in this stressful time,

Pete Deiwert